Directional Tourism, New Zealand

Providing Expert Solutions for your Tourism Businesses or Product

What is ‘Directional Tourism'?

Directional Tourism was established to provide tourism operators with the tools to successfully drive business forward. We know it can be difficult to juggle the expectations of running a business while maintaining a profile in market. At Directional Tourism we use our extensive travel industry knowledge to identify and implement the steps needed for any business to meet chosen commercial objectives.

What We Do

Directional Tourism offers a suite of tools for your tourism business enabling you to successfully navigate your way in a competitive market. Our dedicated team will take the time to work with you to identify individual needs and business objectives. Explaining a clear path of what needs to be executed to achieve the identified outcomes for your business.

"Collectively, Australia and New Zealand sees 9 million visitors annually - let us help you secure a portion of this market."


  • Tourism Marketing
  • Travel Agents
  • Tourism Event Marketing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Travel Management
  • New Zealand Travel Specialists